Daily Life

So I wake up at 5 am everyday, have a cup of coffee and watch the news until 5:30 am. I take a shower and prepare for the day. I manage (2) companies which is 99.5% male dominated. At times I feel like I have 15 more kids to take care of. (HAHA) My son does not have to be at school until 9 am. My daughter is a junior in HS, she drives,  is very responsible and independent. She also gets up at 5 am. School for her starts at 7 am. From 6:30 until 8:30 I work on my laptop in my kitchen getting the day started for the businesses. I wake my son up at 7:30 am which is not an easy task. I take multiple phone calls and make multiple phone calls daily during this time to ensure the instructions I have given at work are followed through with. At this same time I am making sure my son has showered, completed his normal hygiene requirements.(why is it so hard to get a 12 yr old to brush his teeth and put deodorant on?). At 8:30 i leave to get my son to school which is a 30 min. drive from home. During this time I would say 15 min of that is spent on the phone dealing with work issues. Sometimes I even ignore the calls so I can talk with my son about the school day ahead or random things. I then feel anxious to return those calls to ensure things are handled properly. Most of the time that in itself annoys me.

Due to traffic I generally get to the office by 10 am. It is busy ALL day mainly because I deal with incompetent people or maybe they are just lazy. That is a whole other subject though! I leave the office between 4-4:30 pm to go pick up my son from school. I leave this early to avoid sitting in traffic for hours.  I generally get home between 5:30-6.  Its almost like your day is just starting though. What am I going to make for dinner, need to make sure homework is completed, are there after school events that I need to get to, how many loads of laundry do I need to do, etc.

The struggle is real!-Working Moms REALLY are SUPER.


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