I am a full time working mom, so in essence I have (2) full time jobs as most of us moms ┬ádo. Of course my favorite job is being a mom. It is awesome watching your children grow, learn, and as they get older figure out who they are. I also enjoy my put food on the table job! I am not alone when I say that the endless juggling of both can get crazy to say the least at times. My goal with this site to connect with others and to share life craziness and not be embarrassed, ashamed or feel as if your being judged by others. The balance between work and home can be a challenge, but I have learned to be honest with myself, my children and others. We live in a unrealistic society when it comes to A LOT of things. I do not think this is healthy for us or the children we are raising in today’s society. I am all about being REAL in and UNREAL world!